Heart-Hugs Exclusive Tula- Girl Power!

girl-power-ad-high-res-septWe are so excited to offer our SUPER fans a new exclusive Tula, Girl Power!

The Rafflecopter for Girl Power will be open for the next 24 hours!

A few important notes:

– Each person may enter each Rafflecopter once.
– You must have an existing Heart-Hugs account (or set one up) to enter. Please verify that you enter this field correctly! I apologize for the extra step but this helps streamline the process and will give you access to purchase the carrier if your name is drawn.
– Winners will be e-mailed Thursday afternoon/evening.
– Once e-mailed, winners have 24 hours to complete their purchase or new names will be drawn.
– Accessories will be available as add-ons for those that are drawn in the Tula Rafflecopters. After all winners have completed their checkout, any extra accessories will be listed on the site.

Please click the links below to enter for your preferred size:



Good luck! Thank you for all of your entries and support!


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